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The Bloc Shop Open Returns to Quebec

Alannah Yip at Bloc Shop Open 2017

Bloc Shop, The North Face and Onsite are proud to bring you a world class two-day bouldering competition this September called Bloc Shop Open.

With pro and citizen categories, climbers of all ages and abilities are welcome. International level athletes will attend this year’s event.

The pro category will consist of an eigh-boulder scramble for the qualifying round. Then, a world cup format, consisting of a five on / five off Semis and four-minutes isolation final round.

The citizen category will be a boulder marathon, an all-you-can-climb round of 50 boulders of all levels.

There will be $12,000 worth of prizes. More to come as news is announced about who will be there.

It will take place on Sept. 29 and 30.

Last year, Alex Megos and Alex Puccio were at the comp, which was won by Melissa Le Nevé and Mickael Mawem.