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These 40 Boulderers Are Competing at Today’s USA National Championship Semi-Finals

The bouldering qualifying round wrapped up yesterday evening. Semi-finals and finals are being held today to crown a Bouldering National Champion

The 2022 Yeti Climbing National Championships bouldering qualifying event was held today in Colorado. The top 20 men and top 20 women in the qualifiers will compete in Thursday’s bouldering semi-final. To learn more about these National Championships, check out our article describing the comp. See below for the lists of climbers that are moving on to the next round of bouldering:


  1. Anastasia Sanders
  2. Cloe Coscoy
  3. Kyra Condie
  4. Mira Capicchioni
  5. Nekaia Sanders
  6. Quinn Mason
  7. Kylie Cullen
  8. Alex Johnson
  9. Zoe Bitters
  10. Ella Fisher
  11. Adriene Akiko Clark
  12. Sophia Hoermann
  13. Morgan Tadje
  14. Julia Duffy
  15. Maya Madere
  16. Julia de la Paz
  17. Paloma Slowik
  18. Sienna Kopf
  19. Kerry Scott
  20. Carly Alba

Anastasia Sanders was the only woman to top all five problems. She also flashed two of the problems. USA Bouldering National Team members Kylie Cullen and Maya Madere made it to the semi-finals. The other three USA Bouldering National Team members did not compete (Natalia Grossman, Brooke Raboutou, Melina Costanza). Quinn Mason and Tokyo Olympian Kyra Condie, both members of the USA Lead National Team, will also compete in the semi-final round.


  1. Dillon Countryman
  2. Nathaniel Coleman
  3. Luke Muehring
  4. Ross Fulkerson
  5. Sean Bailey
  6. Vail Everett
  7. Zach Galla
  8. Ellis Ernsberger
  9. Adam Shahar
  10. Raymond Hansen
  11. Anthony Lesik
  12. Auggie Chi
  13. Isaac Leff
  14. Austin Hoyt
  15. Zander Waller
  16. Palmer Larsen
  17. Nathan Monte
  18. Benjamin Hanna
  19. Hugo Hoyer
  20. Daniel Martins

Dillon Countryman topped the most problems (four out of five). The USA Bouldering National Team had a successful showing, with all competing members moving on to tomorrow’s semi-finals—Nathaniel Coleman, Sean Bailey, Zach Galla, and Ben Hanna. Colin Duffy, the remaining USA Bouldering National Team member, did not compete. USA Lead National Team member Ross Fulkerson is also through to the semi-finals but his teammate Jesse Grupper did not qualify.

The bouldering semi-final round starts at 12pm EST (9am PST) on Thursday November 10. You can watch the livestream here on YouTube.

The six top men and six top women from the semi-finals will move on to the finals, which start later in the day at 8pm EST (5pm PST). You can watch the Youtube livestream here.

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