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Youth Bouldering Nationals 2019 at Bloc Shop

The 2019 Canadian Youth Bouldering Nationals are taking place this weekend at the Bloc Shop in Quebec. Check out the running order for the climbers below.

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Competing isn't easy. If it was, anyone could do it. Today was the regular mix of performances that usually happen at comps: some were on point, some were just enough off to make all the difference in the final results. The categories are so tight now that all it takes is an extra attempt and you are too tired for the next problem; a little bit of doubt and you don't send that problem you would walk up in training. But if you can come back the next day and learn from what happened the day before, you are on the right path. The path of an athlete. Because athletes don't always win but they never quit. They always get back up and try again and again and again. Congrats to @alexa__vanier and @oceane_gelinas for moving on to semis tomorrow. And to Lane Baty, @jakob.learned , and @_will.obrien_ for competing at their first boulder nationals. Proud of all your work this entire boulder season! You all made HUGE gains because you committed to and did the work.

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