ground up | Squamish’s Ground Up Closer to Opening

Thank you Squamish Academy of Music, Thank you Squamish Rock Guides, Thank you Zephyr Cafe, Thank you Black Diamond Equipment, Thank you Onsight Equipment, Thank you Vertical Solutions, Thank you The Front Climbing Gym, Thank you VLINE Climbing, Thank you Pokosha Clothing, Thank you Jeremy Smith for the beats, thank you friends who helped out and thank you Jessica Keithlin for helping us plan all this Madness! You are a machine!

Without all of your support, this wouldn’t be possible. It is a huge project, takes tons of energy, tons of motivation and tons of support. We feel incredibly luckily to have all those things here in Squamish.

It was great to open up a dialogue and really figure out what the community wants out of our space and services. Please know that everything we heard was taken to heart and we plan to move forward with these things in mind. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and thanks for letting us share our vision with you.

There are still a few passes left, please email or message us if you missed the opportunity last night and would still like to grab one before they are gone.

Love, Ground Up.

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