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Weekend Stoker: Pow Skiing on Remote Rockies Warren

A quick little highlight video of the steep and deep east-north-east face of Mount Warren during an awesome September ski trip on Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park by the late Trevor Sexsmith, who skied the peak with Ian Button. Sexsmith was one of the most cutting-edge skiers before his death in 2017, which happened while skiing near Lake Louise. If you’re looking for amazing ski beta, you should visit his blog here.

In the story on Warren, he wrote: “Once Ian got up, I’d had enough of getting snowed on by the wind transport in the hot sun of the south side, and started heading down on skis. I stuck to the skiers left, close to the rock I thought might save some snow. But I was actually blown away by how fun the icy crap was to ski, I was really expecting it to be bad, but it wasn’t. Then halfway down I found a refuge from the wind, and skied some great creamy pow.

“After was the final pitch down across the schrund, where I had to go back right and into the worst of the wind stripped ice, but right across the schrund was perfect, deep pow. The rest of the north face was glorious, awesome snow in the early evening. We hooked up with the traverse under the big serac, a much more palatable option with the speed of skis. From there was just fast running down flat glacier, hugging the seracs above on the right until the big rockfall off the NE ridge of Brazeau told us we could make our turn toward the hiking boots while avoiding the big crevasse zones of the lower icefield.”

Mount Warren