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February 10, 2014

Goofy Goes Rock Climbing

Follow Goofy as he explores the vertical world, awesome!
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Too Big to Flail, Again and Again

Alex Honnold made the first ascent, Lonnie Kauk made the second ascent and Too Big To Flail had two more ascents this week. Alex Honnold made the first ascent of the stunning highball problem on the Luminance boulder in the Buttermilks which was featured in Reel Rock 7. Lonnie
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Man on the Moon, V10

Man on he Moon could be the most aesthetic high-ball boulder problem we have in West Virginia; if you have ever been here, then you know there is a plethora of big boulders, so this is a bold statement. Man on the Moon is located at Cotton Top below Hawks Nest Dam in the New
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Ascend – Smith Rocks

ASCEND // Climbing in Smith Rock, Oregon from Austin Harris on Vimeo.
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Scotland, the “Core”

The land where no local or visiting climber will budge on bolts, the hardware-free walls offer hair raising belays, pounding spin-drift and edge-of-your-seat run outs. Scotland is the land of the hardcore climber.  “It’s not at all about gymnastic grades, or safety,
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