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Father’s Day with Some of our Favourite Climbing Dads

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday than to take your old man climbing? For those of us lucky enough to have fathers who rock climb, it would be a great way to spend some bonding time and hit the outdoors. In honour of Father’s Day, we would like to celebrate
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Canadians Qualify, Watch China World Cup Semis Tonight!

The Chongqing World Cup Qualifications took place Saturday in China. Three Canadian have advanced to semis. Canmore-based Stacey Weldon qualified for the semi-finals, which start at 9:30 EST in Canada. In first place, after qualifications, was Petra Klingler, followed by Julija
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Mount Logan Success, Storms and Helicopters

In May and June, three highly experienced climbers were attempting to traverse Mount Logan. After reaching the summit they were forced to spend a week above 5,000 metres in snow caves until a helicopter picked them up. Bryce Brown and his two partners flew on May 16 from the
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California Rock-Fall in “Bermuda Triangle of Yosemite”

On June 14, a rock slide on the west face of Clouds Rest in Tenaya Canyon in California and damaged a well-known 15-pitch 5.10.  Dustin Moore was was across the canyon climbing and watched the slide and captured the event on camera. The canyon has been dubbed the Bermuda Triangle
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John Long Narrates Cerro Torre Film

Watch the story of Jess Roskelley and Ben Erdman as they summit the Ragni route on Cerro Torre in January 2015. This story is narrated by John Long. This face has some of the most incredible ice formations to be found anywhere in the world. Chiappa, Conti, Ferrari and Pino Negri
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Watch Cameron Hörst, 14, Send Raubritter 5.14b

Raubritter is a short, severely overhanging climb at the Eldorado crag in the Frankenjura, Germany. Established by the powerful Markus Bock, this climb is only about 20 moves long, but every move is hard—pulling on shallow two-finger pockets and edges. The climber can fall
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Adam Ondra Talks About Future Outside of Climbing

Like so many in the sport, Adam Ondra plans to keep climbing for as long as he is able, but this isn’t his only objective. His studies in Economics have helped to give him a wider view of the world and while he isn’t planning to settle down into a regular 9 to 5 (or 8
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Watch Road to Slipstream

The 2014 film, Road to Slipstream is about an encounter between three new-to-the-Rockies climbers and three experienced alpinists. In 2013, Martin Lesperance wanted to make a film about inexperienced climbers meeting experienced climbers and the dynamics between them. After
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Canada’s Longest Slackline is Rigged in Squamish

SlacklifeBC has been busy rigging some high and long slacklines and recently tightened the longest one in Canada. Here is a photo of slack-liner Friedi, who was the first one out biggest line in Canada. The 133-metre long line is nearly 300 metres off the ground. No one has
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Watch Matt Fultz Climb a New V14

Matt Fultz put up this difficult problem outside of Ogden, Utah in April 2015 and graded it V14. Fultz sent the route in April and reported on social media, “Super psyched to have put up a contender for the hardest boulder in Utah.” On Fultz described his new
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