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Yosemite to Implement Big Wall Permits in Trial Two-Year Program

“Despite the low-key face that’s being put on this ‘pilot,’ this is a huge deal for Valley climbers”

Profile: Yosemite Climbing Ranger Gena Wood

“I’m inspired to try the hardest things I can do”

Thirteen Years in a Cave in Yosemite: Half Dome Skier Zach Milligan

I saw a picture of Half Dome in my barber shop and I was like, ‘Where is that?’ I knew I needed to climb it.

Roam Academy: Education and Inspiration by the World’s Top Adventurers

Roam online academy provides insight and tips by the best — including Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin — on climbing, skiing, photography, and more.

Trango Agility 9.1 Rope: Triple Rated and Packed with Safety Features

Designed for alpine, sport and trad, the Agility 9.1 has an abrasion-resistant sheath and red die that marks the ends

Balanced Rock: Sharing Yoga, Meditation and Wellness from Yosemite

Co-founder Heather Sullivan shares what the non-profit is bringing to Yosemite in 2021 and beyond

Raised in Yosemite: Whitney Stowe

Whitney grew up adventuring around Camp 4, learning climbing from her dad — legendary guide and big wall climber Scott Stowe. Today, after helping him recover from a stroke, she’s becoming a leader herself. 

Climbing in 2021 with the Bishop Climbing Rangers

In their second year with the program, Alexa Flower and Jimmy Capangpangan help visitors reduce their environmental impacts on public lands while visiting this top climbing destination

George Whitmore: Pioneer Rock Climber Who Made the First Ascent of The Nose, Dies at 89

On Jan. 1, Whitmore, born in 1931, passed in a California hospice facility due to complications from Covid-19

Skinny Workhorse: Edelrid Swift Protect ProDry 8.9 Rope Review

Using “built-in cut resistance” technology, the Swift Protect Pro handles like a skinny double or twin rope, but it shines as a single