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Indoor Weekly: Boulderers Win Lead at Wilson

Wilson Centre in Edmonton

At the Wilson Centre in Edmonton, Josh Muller and Alyssa Weber took top spots at the big event that had Youth D to Open competitors.

It’s been a trend this Lead season in Canada that top competition boulderers are taking podiums at Lead events. Maybe it has something to do with strong boulderers like Miles Adamson doing much of the setting.

Photographer and climber Lloyd King said, “Think of the moving parts that need to come together. Plus the hard to hit targets in order to create success at a large scale climbing event your community looks forward to and depends on year after year. It certainly has its associated expectations.

“Thankfully, there are so many rad volunteers. Belayers, judges and long standing community supporters that step it up event after event and make the magic happen.”

Open Female/Male Results
1. Alyssa Weber / Josh Muller
2. Paige Boklaschuk / Alex Fricker
3. Lisa Van de Panne / Lee Hunter

For full results visit here. The next and final Lead comp of this season in Alberta is Lead Provincials at The Hanger on April 23.

Watch Adamson on one of his Qualifiers below.