Bronwen Karnis Photo Will Johnson

Bronwen Karnis is celebrating her last year as a Youth competitor and is hoping to make Finals at the Canadian Open Boulder Nationals this weekend.

Coming off a second place finish at the Youth Boulder Nationals in Quebec, top spot went to Mika Hosoi of B.C., she’s climbing at the top of her game.

So far this year, the 17-year-old won Tour de Bloc at Bloc Shop, won a National Series comp at Boulderz Etobicoke and won Bloc Buster at Climber’s Rock.

Based in Burlington, Karnis is a Canadian Youth and Open National Team member for Lead and Boulder and when she’s not climbing stays busy playing classical music on the piano.

How long have you been competing? About five years now I think.

Where was your first competition? At Climber’s Rock. I think it was a summer sweat fest or a tour de bloc.

Do you have a specific training plan or do you just climb a lot to train? I have a specific training plan with my coach, we try to experiment a bit and change it often. He does most of the work though and is really smart so it’s usually worked for me, haha.

The Nationals are this weekend, have you been training specifically for it? Yes! I have been training for it, as well as other competitions (like youth nationals a few weeks ago).

Are you going for the podium this year? Podium would definitely be nice.

Who do you think has a chance of making top three? Alannah Yip for sure, and I think Allison Vest and Alyssa Webber will do really well.

There’s also a few younger girls who will be getting the chance to compete this year like Madison Fisher and Babette Roy.

What do you think the problems will be like? I think there will be a variety. Maybe some more complex/volume style, a bit of slab and jumps.

Do you like the current problem setting style with big jumps and parkour style moves? This style is fun and I like it, but I think a variety of different styles is best, especially in a competition.

What is one of your strengths? I think my strengths are crimps, and big pulls.

What are your 2018 plans? Hopefully to do some climbing outside a bit and graduate high school. I’ll also hopefully be training for Youth World Championships.

Click to watch Karnis at Youth Boulder Nationals below and for more on the Nationals this weekend see here.

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