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Indoor Weekly: Watch Impressive Sean McColl Win

Sean McColl about to win Adidas Rockstars 2012

Sean McColl’s flash of the men’s “tie-break-problem” of the Adidas RockStars 2012 is one of the most impressive bouldering performance ever.

McColl went on to beat Jon Cardwell who finished second and for the women, Alex Puccio took home gold.

The Adidas Rockstars are held at the Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart and is a top-class invitational contest for the world’s best bouldering athletes.

In order to celebrate the heroes of the international bouldering community like ‘rock stars’ the organisers transform the climbing competition into an elaborately staged show with live music.

A rock band provides the intoxicating musical setting for outstanding sports performances on artificial rock, stimulates the crowds during the boulder competition and involves them in the show.