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The 2015 Ontario Ice Fest/Gathering

From Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, there will be an ice climbing gathering in Southern Ontario.

Andriy Kolos, author of Southern Ontario Ice, announced the event on his website kolos.ca. “I think it about time the community gets together informally to celebrate all things great about ice and mixed in Southern Ontario.”

Ontario Ice Conditions

The Arlington Hotel in Maynooth would make for a great base camp and would be happy to host.
Arrive on Friday night or Saturday morning, head out to the crags with friends and then regroup for the night.

Ontario ice and other news


Arranging a pizza dinner shouldn’t be a problem and the Arlington will supply the music and everything needed for a good time.

The Arlington

Book your stay with the Arlington. Espresso and oatmeal for breakfast.

Ice Demons

The Sun Run Cafe and the Maynooth General Store will be open Saturday and Sunday morning – would be great for you to swing by.

ice fest