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Ontario Provincial Comp for Youth at Coyote Rock

The first Ontario Climbing Federation (OCF) event of the 2015/16 season took place at Coyote Rock on Nov. 7.

The event was for youth only and was a huge success. As the OCF said, “The OCF would like to give a big thank you to Jody Miall and his crew at Coyote Rock for hosting the first youth bouldering competition of the 2015/2016 series.

“Jody and head routesetter Shaun Hunter did a fantastic job – great routes and lots of fun for the climbers.”

Winners in Each Category

Junior Girls/Boys: Lia Wieckowski/Rahul Sapra
Youth A Girls/Boys: Bronwen Karnis/Dylan Saffery
Youth B Girls/Boys: Madison Fischer/Manh Ellis
Youth C Girls/Boys: Indiana Chapman/Owen Gambling
Youth D Girls/Boys: Tara Pjevic/Dante Liska

Full results here and for the full OCF schedule, visit here. For some excellent photos from the event, visit Marie Brizard’s photo gallery on Flicr here.