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Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

The annual Vancouver International Film Festival (VIMFF) will be kicking off on Feb. 16, 2015. There are a number of events, but here are a few that climbers will be interested in checking out.


Full Schedule Here

Monday, Feb 16 – VIMFF Climbing Show

Adam Ondra will be visiting Vancouver for a talk. The films Project Mina and African Fusion will be playing.

Banff Film and Book Festival 2014 Wrap-Up

Wednesday, February 18, VIMFF Raw: Rock, Air, Water

Photographer Jim Martinello will be  presenting a four part series featuring an adventure that includes the likes of Tim Emmett, Sean Leary, Jimmy Marginally and Trevor McDonald. Gripped featured their story to the N.W.T in 2013.

Memoir of 1970’s Ontario Rock Climbing

Saturday February 21, VIMFF Finale

Sonnie Trotter will be along to give a talk on the final night. Three climbing films will be shown: Stone Free and Sufferfest II: Desert Alpine.

More on Trotter

Full Schedule From VIMFF Site:

FEB 13
VIMFF Opening, presented by North Shore Rescue tickets
Centennial Theatre MAPFriday Feb 13, 7:30pm (doors and reception 6:30)
Celebrate the kick-off to VIMFF 2015 with a night dedicated to the North Shore: a special film and presentation by North Shore Search & Rescue followed by the VIMFF Photo Contest Awards World Premiere of ‘Hand of Franklin’.
Presentations: VIMFF 2015 Photo Contest Awards, North Shore Rescue 50th Anniversary
Films: The Hand of Franklin, Risk and Rescue
After Party
FEB 14
VIMFF Alpine Adventures tickets
Centennial Theatre MAPSaturday Feb 14, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
Join legendary mountaineers Jeff Lowe and Michael Kennedy and learn about the cutting edge of climbing and mountaineering in the 1970’s & 80’s.
Presentation: Michael Kennedy: Finding the Balance – Forty years of life, love and climbing
Films: Icefall, Beyond Good and Evil, Metanoia
VIMFF Mountain Mixer tickets
The Cinematheque MAP
Saturday Feb 14, 2:00pm (doors 1:30)
Can’t decide what to see at this year’s VIMFF? Or are you an all-around mountain junkie? A collection of films covering a wide spectrum of mountain sports.
Films: The Cave Connection: Into the Unknown, Patience, Sounds of Paragliding, An Education, Flying Dagger
VIMFF Inspiring Stories tickets
The Cinematheque MAP
Saturday Feb 14, 7:30pm (doors 7:00) Personal journeys of endurance, perseverance and determination, sure to leave you inspired.
Films: Across The Ice, Finding Traction, Force, Andante
VIMFF Mountain Storytelling Series 1 tickets
St. Mark’s Anglican Church MAPSaturday Feb 14, 2:00pm (doors 1:30)
Presentations: Kira Van Deusen: Arash the Mountain Archer, Margaret Murphy: Another Curve in Time , Mary Gavan: Fire on the Mountain!, Patrick Lucas: The Chief’s Ride: a mountain bike adventure to the heart of the Tahltan Nation, Wendy Charboneau: Siwash Rock and The Two Sisters
VIMFF Mountain Storytelling Series 2: Ice and Wave tickets
St. Mark’s Anglican Church MAPSaturday Feb 14, 7:30pm (doors 7:00)
Presentations: Kevin Vallely: On Thin Ice, Dunc Shields: Song of the Sockeye, Abagael Fischer-Lang: Phyllis Munday’s Back Porch, Philomena Jordan: The Cailleach Ver in Faoilleach, Rupert Richardson: Falling Rocks
FEB 15
VIMFF Beautiful BC Matinee tickets
Rio Theatre (19+ adults only) MAP
Sunday Feb 15, 2:00pm (doors 1:30)
A selection of adventure films all made here in Beautiful British Columbia.
Films: Wideboyz 2: Slender Gentleman, Going Strong, Stikine
VIMFF Ski Show tickets
Rio Theatre (19+ adults only) MAP
Sunday Feb 15, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
A night filled with the best ski films of the year.
Films: The Little Things, Downside Up, AfterGlow, Vasu Sojitra: Out on a Limb, Fjord Norway, Mica To Greenland, Best in Snow
VIMFF Mountain Life Matinee tickets
The Cinematheque MAP
Sunday Feb 15, 2:00pm (doors 1:30)
Dive into the intimate lives of characters from the remote and varied mountain cultures of Asia.
Films: Tashi and The Monk, Trails Across the Steppe
VIMFF Wild Rivers tickets
Pacific Cinematheque MAP
Sunday Feb 15, 7:30pm (doors 7:00)
A mix of river adventures from the whitewater of Uganda to the rivers of Russia and Mongolia, and everywhere in between!
Films: Stikine, Nobody’s River, Dream, Chaga the Movie, Delta Dawn, Caleb, Chasing Butterflies
FEB 16
VIMFF Climbing Show tickets
Centennial Theatre MAP
Monday Feb 16, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
A presentation from one of today’s leading climbers who is pushing the parameters of possibility – followed by two hot films!
Presentation: Adam Ondra Show
Films: Project Mina, Africa Fusion
VIMFF Mountain Bike Night tickets
Rio Theatre (19+ adults only) MAP
Monday Feb 16, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
A smorgasbord of biking films and live presentations from around the globe.
Presentations: Pat Mulrooney: Peru and Chile on a Mountain Bike
Films: All My Own Stunts, Danny Macaskill: The Ridge , Forgotten Dirt, Gone Tomorrow, Vaya Bien, Muddbunnies, Horace and The Rough Stuff Fellowship, The Interview, Vain Vagrant
VIMFF Spiritual Journeys tickets
The Cinematheque MAP
Monday Feb 16, 7:30pm (doors 7:00)
An evening that delves into compelling personal journeys of struggles, quests and adventure.
Presentations: Pat and Baiba Morrow: Mountains: the Sacred, and the Profane
Films: Lifelines, Happiness
FEB 17
VIMFF Ski-Mountaineering Show tickets
Rio Theatre (19+ adults only) MAP
Tuesday Feb 17, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
Get an in-depth look at what it takes to climb and ski mountains here in the Coast Range with Linda Bily; and then travel to Alaska and the high Himalaya with Jeremy Jones in his feature film, Higher.
Presentation: Linda Bily: Ski Mountaineering Traverse of the Homathko Icefield – Coast Mountains, BC
Films: Higher
VIMFF Endangered Species tickets
The Cinematheque MAP
Tuesday Feb 17, 7:30pm (doors 7:00)
Learn about rare species at risk here in the mountains of British Columbia; see films produced by the Wilderness Committee and hear from the scientific experts themselves.
Presentations: TBA
Films: TBA
FEB 18
VIMFF Environmental Show tickets
Centennial Theatre MAP
Wednesday Feb 18, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
A series of presentations and films from the BC Coast and the Interior on mining versus conserving our pristine national heritage.
Presentations: TBA
Films: Colours of Edziza
VIMFF Raw: Rock/Air/Water tickets
Rio Theatre (19+ adults only) MAP
Wednesday Feb 18, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
Join Squamish climber, skier and photographer Jimmy Martinello as he talks about multi-sport adventure in Northern Canada – followed by films.
Presentation: Jimmy Martinello
Films: For A Handful of Seconds, Drawn
FEB 19
VIMFF Trail Running Show tickets
Centennial Theatre MAP
Thursday Feb 19, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
A diverse mix of short presentations and films from the trails around the world.
Presentations: Gary Robbins: Running From Rhinos, Liz Decario: Running The Kokopelli, Nicola Gildersleeve: How I Earned a FKT (Fastest Known Time)
Films: Wainwright Record Attempt, Travailen, Home, The Ingenuous Choice
VIMFF Climbing Culture tickets
The Cinematheque MAP
Thursday Feb 19, 7:30pm (doors 7:00)
From the 1970’s campsites in Yosemite, to the slums of Rio and the sport crags of Spain – a look at what makes climbing so special in the past, present and future.
Films: Wild New Brave, Novato, Above The Alley Beneath The Stars, Redemption
FEB 20
VIMFF Canadian Mountain Adventures tickets
Centennial Theatre MAP
Friday Feb 20, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
National Geographic Adventurer of the Year nominee, Will Gadd, delves into adventures throughout Canada including wild ice climbing at Helmcken Falls and paragliding across the Rocky Mountains.
Presentation: Will Gadd: Unknown Unknowns – True Adventure
Films: Frozen Titans, 500 Miles To Nowhere, Arctic Air, The Skater
VIMFF Polish Mountaineering Show tickets
The Cinematheque MAP
Friday Feb 20, 7:30pm (doors 7:00)
Polish mountaineers have long been admired for their skill, determination and strength in the mountains, especially the high Himalaya.
Presentation: Ryszard Szafirski: Golden Years of Polish Himalayan Exploration
Films: Jurek, K6 West
FEB 21
VIMFF Climbing Finale tickets
Centennial Theatre MAP
Saturday Feb 21, 7:30pm (doors 6:30)
Wrapping up VIMFF 2015 with the annual film awards, a presentation from top Canadian climber Sonnie Trotter and two great climbing films.
Presentations: Sonnie Trotter: Family Man, VIMFF 2015 Film Awards
Films: Stone Free, Sufferfest 2: Desert Alpine

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