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A Hunter and Climber Find Common Ground

A short video of a climber going hunting and a hunter going climbing

Hunter Allie D’Andrea is teamed up with Mikhail Martin for some rock climbing and hunting. This video is part of a new series that brings two people together who use outdoor spaces, but likely wouldn’t cross paths.

“People from different backgrounds can care about the same thing,” said D’Andrea. Watch this eight-minute film that is part-one of the new series called Finding Common Ground.

“Our communities are constantly being reminded of the divisions between us,” said Marting. “But how different can we really be? Whether we choose to climb, hunt, cycle, 4-wheel, fish or kayak, we are all still people who need public lands to play outside.” To find out more visit here. Martin will be at the Banff Mountain Festival this fall to take part in a panel discussion about diversity in the outdoors.

Climber and a Hunter