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Couloir Series: Quebec’s 50-degree Le Couloir Des Légend

The remote line is a must-do and requires a night in a nearby hut

Le Couloir Des Légend is one of the must-ski steep couloirs in Quebec. It drops down the north face of Mont Xalibu in the Chic Choc Mountains of Parc National de la Gaspésie in  southeastern Quebec.

Its runs for over 100 metres with a max slope of 57 degrees and a minimum of 44 degrees. To access this line, you need to spend a night Mines Madeleine Hut in Le Roselin or backcountry camp. This area is prone to avalanches, so knowledge of avalanche terrain and the gear is required.

Ross Bretherton said after he skied it, “Though the approach is long, the couloir is as gorgeous as it is steep. Dropping off the backside of Xalibu into the cirque below, you are surrounded by jagged cliffs and windswept vistas of the Mines and Mount Albert.”

This is one of many amazing ski lines in Quebec’s backcountry. For one of the most enjoyable hut-to-hut tours in the province visit here.

Le Couloir Des Légend

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