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A Toronto Climbing Gym is Open, Here’s What it’s Like

Based on reports from climbers who visited, here's a brief picture of how it works

The Rock Oasis in Toronto is a popular climbing gym that recently took steps to open to the public. Their announcement of their soft reopening divided the online climbing community between “great idea” and “too soon due to the covid pandemic.” Rope climbing and bouldering is open to a limited number of people per session.

When you arrive, they get you to enter in through the back where you’ll meet an employee at a table. You’ll have to put your mask on and wear it from that point on. If you don’t have one, you can buy one for $5 before using the hand sanitizer and entering. Because you have to pre-register, your name will be on a list at the door.

Once inside, you scan your membership card at the front desk, which is wrapped in plastic. There are only a limited number of people allowed in with half of the routes set. Hand sanitizer areas are placed near the ropes and boulders. A few washrooms are open, but the locker room and kids’ area are closed. A few dozen climbers have visited over the past few days. Some members reported the holds were the cleanest they’d ever seen.