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Adam Ondra’s Boulder Semis Slab Slips

Adam Ondra and the tricky slab

The steep routes in bouldering world championships didn’t seem to be too much of an issue for the top climbers, but the slab problems were about who had the best rubber.

The slab at the bouldering world championships was only three degrees off vertical.

Adam Ondra, who admits that slab problems are not his strong suit in competitions, couldn’t stick the first few moves of the first slab problem in semifinals.

It started on a down-sloping mini-volume that presented a lot of difficulty for Ondra, which set the pace for his semifinals and ultimately kept him out of finals.

He attempted it over and over, but couldn’t stick the moves and walked off frustrated. The top-six climbers who continued to finals sent all four problems in semis.

However, Ondra did stick the slab problem in boulder combined, which gave him second after Jakob Schubert.

Watch below at one-hour and five minutes.