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Epic Deep Water Soloing Campus Comp in Slovenia

Triglav the Rock was the first comp of its kind

Triglav the Rock was a comp like no other that had climbers campus high above an river. Jernej Kruder is one of the world’s most accomplished comp climbers and he helped organize the comp in Triglav, Slovenia.

“I am the ambassador of this comp and the whole idea for the finals was mine,” said Kruder. “When campusing it’s hard to grade – big holds, big moves. Water was O.K., maybe the air got a bit cold late in the night. It was good to compete again and that people actually stopped by and cheering up… it was also good to climb over the water again.”

There were 150 climbers that took part in the qualification.Β Due to bad weather, climbers were forced indoors for the qualifying round, which was supposed to take place on buildings around the city. Kruder won for the men and Vita Lukan won for the women.

As climbers look for more creative ways to compete during covid-19, we might be seeing more outdoor high-above-rivers campus comps.