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Four Tops for the Wins at Tour de Bloc Championships 2019

The 2019 Tour de Bloc championships took place on April 27 at Up the Bloc in Montreal and we got some fresh faces on the podium. Eva Briggs and Dylan Barks took the wins for their first gold at the Tour de Bloc championships. To take top spots, both were the only in their category to send all four finals problems.

The event capped a great season of hard bouldering comps in Canada. Check out some great photos from Will Johnson below.

Finals Women/Men Results

1. Evangelina Briggs / Dylan Barks
2. Riley Galloway / Flo Balsez
3. Sydney Park / Dylan Saffery
4. Justine McCarney / Brandon Barraclough
5. Charle Prosser / Jake Tiger
6. Tara Pjevic / Paul Baczynski