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Jerry Moffatt’s Classic 1990’s Campus Board Film

Jerry Moffatt was the best climber of the 1980s and early 1990s. No one could beat his all round performance in redpoint, onsight, boulder and competition climbing.

Together with Kurt Albert, Norbert Sandner and Wolfgang Güllich he was one of the very first to train on a Campus board. Today the Campus board is a standard tool in training power for climbing.

When it was originally developed it had a revolutionary impact on the performance of the elite climbers. Jerry not only trained on the original Campus board in Nuremberg he also worked on the design of the rungs and figured out training exercises.

When he opened the first climbing gym in the UK – “The Foundry” – it’s needless to say that he installed a Campus board there as well. He made this video in 1998.

The VHS-tape got lost before it was edited. Now in 2018 Jerry found it accidentally and Hannes Huch was the lucky bastard who could do the edit. It’s a great piece of climbing history that shows that Jerry was not only a brilliant physical performer but a profound training expert.

It gives a deep insight how to come “back to full power” and also how to use your mind to enhance your progress on the board. As Wolfgang Güllch said “your mind is your most important muscle.”

Episode one gives you precious information about the history and basics of the campus board.