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LIGHT, a Film About Eating Disorders in Professional Climbing

Caroline Treadway tackles eating disorders in professional climbing. LIGHT is the first climbing documentary of its kind

There are conversations. They speak of self-sacrifice. From BMI’s to carbohydrates through diets onto podiums, climbing has long had unhealthy relationship with food. Instead of a point of concern, it has been a point of pride.

Why? Caroline Treadway explores the darker side of climbing in her new film LIGHT. Treadway illuminates that which has long been hidden.

At 10 a.m. in the morning, Colorado-based Caroline Treadway released what would become the first climbing documentary on eating disorders. The film, LIGHT, would move to describe the stories of Treadway alongside those of Angie Payne, Emily Harrington, Kai Lightner and Andrea Szekely and each of their relationships to disordered eating habits.

The 46-minute film was released for free on YouTube in an effort to spread awareness about one of climbing most under-discussed and widely spread problems.

Many thanks to Caroline Treadway and all those involved in LIGHT for offering guidance to their community. For more information about eating disorders, click here. For the blog post by Kai Lightner, click here. For a 2020 Gripped piece on eating disorders with Jake Scharfman, click here. And for a 2015 Gripped magazine article about anorexia and comp climbing visit here.


“If the way you eat and think about food interferes with your life and keeps you from enjoying life and moving forward, you may be experiencing disordered eating. Take it seriously and talk to someone who can help. You don’t need to wait for a diagnosis by a doctor.” – National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Talk to your friends. You never know who needs to hear, “How are you doing?”

Featured Image from Caroline Treadway’s Light, illustrated by Sarah Nicholson / Petite Press