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Magnus Midtbo Gives Finger Training Tips

Norwegian climber Magnus Midtbo’s finger strength is second to none and he’s had dozens of videos go viral online over the past few years, which likely contributed to his more than 200,000 YouTube followers.

In May 2013, Midtbo onsighted the Cosi fan tutte 5.14c at Rodellar in Spain as only the fourth climber to onsight the grade. He retired from comp climbing in May of 2017 and said, “I still get motivated just by climbing, I think some people need a specific goal, but I’ve never felt like I needed one. It sounds really cheesy I know, I just love climbing I love being in the nature, I love the feeling of feeling free, but it is like that you know. I don’t know, I like the lifestyle, I like traveling, I like trying hard, and most of all, I like the feeling of feeling really fit, really strong, the feeling of being able to climb anything.”

Outdoors, Midtbo has sent Thor’s Hammer 5.15a and Ali Hulk Extension 5.15b, among countless 5.14 sport routes.

Midtbo’s Finger Training Tips