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Montreal Climbing Gyms Affected by High Covid Numbers

A number of climbing gyms will need to adjust occumpant number and classes

The rising number of COVID cases in Quebec has caused a great deal of concern within the province. Quebec is broken into regions that are given daily alert level updates, which you can see here.

If your region is red, then you are on full alert; Montreal is currently a red zone. That means 28 days of strict lockdowns to flatten the curve.

With the growing number of cases comes the potential for an increased number of restrictions on local businesses. Climbing gyms have joined the ranks of other sport facilities that await the provincial government’s recommendations for COVID-related restrictions going forward. This announcement will be made Monday, October 5.

The provincial ministry of health confirmed that gyms will be able to keep their doors open “until further notice.” Climbing gyms wait expectantly to learn how best they might keep their members safe.

The Quebec government is taking this very seriously. Premier François Legault said, “I cannot and will not make false promises. We all have a role to play and every action is important.” The red alert will last for four weeks, from Oct. 1 to Oct. 28.