Oscar Baudrand Finishes 5th in Bouldering Youth Worlds

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Youth B Bouldering Finalists. Youth Worlds, Arco, 2019. Photo courtesy of IFSC.

The bouldering Semifinals for the Youth B Male category were extremely difficult. Fourteen climbers finished the round with zero tops and no climber topped more than two. So, as it turned out, the one problem that Canadian Oscar Baudrand sent was crucial and got him into Finals. The 14-year-old looked a bit nervous in the final round but still put in a great effort, including a top of boulder three, which put him in 5th place, ahead of Adam Adamovsky, in the final standings.

Oscar Baudrand in Bouldering Semis at Youth Worlds, 2019. Photo courtesy of IFSC

Nichol Tomas from Thailand looked super strong, along with Junta Sekiguchi (JPN) and Edvards Gruvitis (LAT), who all climbed three boulders. Tomas took the gold because of an extra zone with Sekiguchi and Gruvitis separated by attempts.

Bouldering Youth World Championships Results

Youth B Male

1. Nichol Tomas (THA)
2. Junta Sekiguchi (JPN)
3. Edvards Gruvitis (LAT)
5. Oscar Baudrand (CAN)
33. Dylan Le (CAN)
47. TJ Foley (CAN)

Oscar Baudrand in Semis. Photo courtesy of IFSC

Youth B Female

1. Oriane Bertone (FRA)
2. Ryu Nakagawa (JPN)
3. Hana Koike (JPN)
35. Emi Takashiba (CAN)
41. Sydney Park (CAN)
49. Tula Sherkat (CAN)

Hana Koike in Youth B Finals at Youth Worlds in Arco, Italy, 2019. Photo courtesy of IFSC

Junior Male

1. Sohta Amagasa (JPN)
2. Leo Favot (FRA)
3. Nathan Martin (FRA)
13. Zach Richardson (CAN)
37. Finn Battersby (CAN)
49. Sean Faulkner (CAN)

Samuel Wingardh, who finished 6th, in Junior Men Finals, Youth Worlds, 2019. Photo courtesy of IFSC.