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Results From This Weekend’s Lead Comps

It was a busy weekend of climbing competitions in Canada for both speed and lead. See below for your podiums for the lead comps and links to full results, where available.

Délire in Beauport, QC

Open Men/Women
1. Yoann Arpin/Bea Evans
2. Axel Pic/Kim Polisois
3. Alex Fricker/Elise Maurice-Kiepura
Junior Male/Female
1. Andy Charbonneau/Ève Laprise
2. Raphael Demers Lapointe/Sophie Valence
3. Nathanael Tremblay/Caitlin Williams
Youth A Male/Female
1. Hugo Dorval/Aurélie Huppé
2. Hugo Valence/Aspen Hendry
3. Jérémy Bolduc/Thea Chapman


Elevation Place in Canmore, AB

Open Men/Women
1. Jason Holowach/Alyssa Weber
2. Tyson Martino/Paige Boklaschuk
3. Scott Eveleigh/Amy Sutley
Junior Male/Female
1. Tyson Martino/Katrina Sutley
2. Ethan Somji/Lauren Kwan
3. Carter Colleaux/Amanda Sherwin
Youth A Male/Female
1. Tyler White/Paige Boklaschuk
2. Zachary Kokot/Lily Trottier
3. Jakob Learned Lavoie/Ali Dyack
Youth B Male/Female
1. TJ Foley/Isobel Stady
2. Logan Jones/Laura Gervais
3. Louka Gay/Tula Sherkat
Youth C Male/Female
1. Adam Edwards/Alexa Vanier
2. Evan Lau/Sophie Trottier
3. Aris Haraga/Paige Louie
Youth D Male/Female
1. Camden Lund/Jorja Blumes
2. Connor Ohuchi/Lucy Baker
3. Seth Kozak/Julia Marks

FULL RESULTS HERE from Elevation Place

SFU in Burnaby, BC

Open Men/Women
1. Guy McNamee/Lexi Binder
2. Kindar McNamee/Sonya Colliander
3. Brennan Doyle/Julia Massullo

Junior Male/Female
1. Alex White/Manon Mackasey
2. Emaon Collins/Teyha Rogers
3. Michael Maser/Athena Pimentel

Youth A Male/Female
1. Guy McNamee/Lexi Binder
2. Kindar McNamee/Sonya Colliander
3. Brennan Doyle/Stephanie Chow

Youth B Male/Female
1. Connor Jones/Sierra Przychodzen
2. Finn Fraser Grathwol/Emi Takashiba
3. Lucas Edmunds/Annabelle McDonald

Youth C Male/Female
1. Nolan Fielding/Alison Timmer, Ayrie Dutt [tie]
2. Jack Anthony
3. Owen McJannett/Lana Slipicevic, Telaya Geissler, Sloan Betker, Winter Robichaud [tie]

Youth D Male/Female
1. Noah Schwartz/Sienna Chow
2. Bruce Kong/Avery MacDonald
3. ___ / Maisie Ainslie

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