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Stay-At-Home Climbing Training Routine: Day Two

The second of a 14-day cross-training plan for athletes looking to progress during self-isolation

As the coronavirus grips the nation, many people are focusing on isolating themselves at home for a few weeks. Most climbing and fitness gyms have closed and crag climbing isn’t recommended (due to overcrowding).

In light of the current situation, we’ll be posting daily training routines. If you’re going to be home, you might as well keep training. Thanks to everyone who is out and continuing to work in public during the outbreak, including essential services and folks at the grocery stores.

Day 2

After you complete day one of the program, your body will likely feel fairly sore. This is a good thing. Ideally, it was difficult for you to complete all of the exercises and you are able to recognize where you have room for improvement. For a description of exercises see day one.

Today, we will decrease the difficulty to allow your body to heal. Tomorrow will be a rest day, so work hard to accomplish the exercises to your fullest capacity.


  • Plank:

    • three sets of two-five minutes. Strive to hold a plank for the full five minutes.
  • Big Kicks:

    • Five sets at one minute a set. Rest for one minute between sets
  • Hanging Leg-lifts: (can be done on your back as well)

    • Beginner: 30 leg lifts
    • Moderate: 50 leg lifts
    • Expert: 100 leg lifts

Antagonist Muscles

  • Dips: require a raised surface such as a chair. Place both hands behind you in the seat of the chair, with your legs extended out in front of you. lower your body with your triceps until your bottom is nearly touching the ground. Press up from there.
    • Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.

Agonist Muscles

If you have a pull-up bar / hangboard:

  • Beginner:

    • complete 5-20 pull-ups
  • Intermediate:

    • complete 20-50 pull-ups
    • one arm lock-off: 3 sets at 10 seconds
  • Expert:

    • complete 100 pull-ups
    • complete a 90-degree lock-off for 10 seconds, three sets a side


Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds:

  • Straddle Splits: This stretch is important to the program as it increases a climber’s lateral flexibility for moves like stemming in a corner.
  • Hamstring: keep your legs straight and bend down to your feet. Keep your back flat for an alternate version of this stretch.
  • Hip-flexor: Flexible hip-flexors allow a climber to high-step.
  • Quadricep: preventative against injury
  • Triceps stretch: preventative against injury
  • Shoulder stretch: increases mobility
  • Calf stretch: increased heel-hooking mobility.

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