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The Manuva Board is New Fixture-Free Hangboard

Manuva Climbing Ltd is will lauch The Manuva Board via Kickstarter on Sept. 22. The board is a first of its kind as a fixture-free hangboard that works well above interior doors.

Manuva Climbing was founded in 2019 by Joe Jones in Squamish, and WMP Creative, an award-winning design team based in Oxford, U.K. “I live in a rental apartment and wanted to train indoors regularly without the need for a permanently fixtured hangboard or having going to the climbing gym,” said Jones.

“I started researching the products in the market and whether there was a hangboard that I could use at home and travel with, too. It became clear that there was not and that others in the climbing community were having the same issue. It was upon realising that I wasn’t alone in my search for a solution to this problem that I turned my attention to developing The Manuva Board.”

Over the past 12 months, Hugo Martin (director of product design) and Rob Moore (senior Pproduct designer) of WMP Creative, have brought Joe’s concept to life. The design is reliable and durable, using the highest quality materials.

“Lightweight and strong with a consistent grain, we chose Poplar wood for the board itself,” said Moore. “The holds vary from 15 mm to 60 mm in depth, plus the two 20-degree slopers up top, all with a hand sanded finish delivering a natural feel whilst being soft on the skin. The hold dimensions allow for incremental progression for a complete training routine.”

The frame, which can be adjusted to fit a wide range of door widths, is made from anodised aluminium and can be easily separated from the board for travel and storage, as well as to take to the crag to warm up before a climb.

“Aluminium is known for its strength to weight ratio,” says Martin. “The arm’s quick release mechanism and exterior screw have been engineered to stand the test of time… Not only is it 100 per cent recyclable, its long-life span means that there should be no need for replacement.”

Sustainability is a core value of Manuva Climbing’s ethos.

“Poplar wood is incredibly fast growing, requiring significantly less water than other growths,” said Jones. “Poplar trees also positively contribute to air pollution control by removing between 70 and 140 litres of carbon dioxide per hour from the surrounding environment, whilst returning the equivalent volume of Oxygen.”

The finishing touch is the eco-friendly cork pads installed on the rear of the board, to protect walls from marking or pressure from the board. The Manuva Board will be priced on Kickstarter at $170 CAD.

There will also be Early Bird offers available during the first 24hrs of the campaign with the price at $135 CAD. The Manuva Board will be available to those in North America, Canada, United Kingdom and the European Union.

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