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Tomoa Narasaki Gets Personal Best in Speed Climbing

The Olympian is one of the fastest climbers heading to the games, which could help his chances of reaching the podium

Olympic-qualified Tomoa Narasaki has reported a personal best of 5.73 seconds. His goal at the Olympics this summer is 5.5 seconds. Of all the male Olympic climbers, only Bassa Mawem has a faster time than Narasaki with 5.58.

Narasaki is a two-time Bouldering World Cup Champion, a Combined World Cup Champion, a two-time winner of the Bouldering World Championships and the 2019 Combined World championship gold medalist. His strength extends to outdoor climbing as well with the first flash of Decided V14 in Japan last winter.

The Olympics are still scheduled to take place from July 23 to Aug. 8. In the Paris 2024 Olympics, there will be four medals (boulder, lead, speed and combined), and not just the combined.

The world record for fastest time by a male is 5.48 by Reza Alipour and 6.94 for a female by Yulia Kaplina.