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Top Climber Dumbfounded After Doing Instagram Challenge

A social media challenge makes its way to the most-followed climbing YouTube channel. Do you think you can do it?

Magnus Midtbø is one of the world’s top climbers with multiple 5.15 sends and podium finishes at comps. Last year, he became the first climber to reach one million subscribers on YouTube.

In May 2013, Midtbø onsighted the Cosi fan tutte 5.14c at Rodellar in Spain as only the fourth climber to onsight the grade. He’s also climbed Thor’s Hammer 5.15a and Ali Hulk Extension 5.15b, among countless 5.14 sport routes. He retired from comp climbing in May of 2017, saying, “I still get motivated just by climbing, I think some people need a specific goal, but I’ve never felt like I needed one.”

In this video, he completes a complicated Instagram challenge first shared by Ali Baratz that involves a lot of strength and balance. To see the send skip to six minutes and 36 seconds.

Sticking the Challenge