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Watch Adam Ondra’s Olympic Qualifying Video

His road to Tokyo has been the most watched over the past year

Adam Ondra was one of 12 climbers who secured a place in the Tokyo Olympics last week at the Toulouse event. “Toulouse had been stressing me out for many days or even previous weeks,” said Ondra. “I knew it was possible, I knew it was actually very possible, but that made it all just harder.

“The pressure of ‘having to’ was there and I had to deal. I am super proud how I succeeded in dealing with that.” For a list of the athletes who’ve qualified for Tokyo visit here.

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All the pressure came to an end, at least for now. Thank you all who helped me in the last weeks and on the comp itself – most importantly @ivavejmolova‚̧ @patxiusobiaga_pucseries Pavel Vich and Simona Kurkova. The first day of the comp was successful, theoretically I was qualified for the Olympics and the relief was huge. But then, I woke up in the middle of night before the second day of the comp and I felt really sick and bad. I thought there is a zero chance I could compete. Yet at the same time, with all the controversies following the olympic nomination, I really did not want to end up 8th and have some theoretical chance of getting kicked out. Towards the afternoon, my state has improved a bit and I am glad I decided to compete again. Pic by @lukasbiba @blackdiamond @lasportivagram @montura_official @mazagrande @gardatrentino

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