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Winnipeg Getting New Bouldering Gym: The Hive

The Hive is one of B.C.’s most popular bouldering gyms with three locations in the Vancouver area and they’re now heading east to Winnipeg. The Hive Winnipeg is another example of climbers going from standalone facilities to chains.

The exact date of when the gym will open is up in the air, as covid closures have forced all gyms in Canada to close until further notice. But, when the new The Hive location opens, it wills surely introduce many Winnipeg people to the sport of climbing for the first time. Follow on Instagram below for updates and follow on Facebook here.

Kate Bell from The Hive has told us: “We also have a fifth gym slated to open in the next year in Port Coquitlam. All of our three existing Vancouver gyms will be opening with a phased approach starting June 1 and many B.C. gyms are doing something similar.”