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11-Year-Old Sends Two 5.14b’s in a Single Day in Spain

Two days prior, the young crusher flashed a 5.13b and 5.13c. He also just sent another 5.14a

Bayes Wilder, 11, just finished up a climbing trip to Spain, and what a trip it was. The young American started off by onsighting his first 5.13b (8a), Pollastre de Granja. In the following days between projecting harder routes, Wilder sent a variety of 5.13’s including Meconi 5.13b, Pur et Dur 5.13c, and Esau Directe 5.13c. On November 23, he flashed Freeman 5.13b and Sargantana Killer 5.13c all in one day.

Two days later, November 25th, was undoubtedly the most impressive of the trip. He started the morning at Santa Linya on his project La Fabelita 5.14b. He fell low on the route on his first two attempts of the day. On his third attempt, he sent the route. Because it was still early in the day and he amazingly still felt fresh and strong, his family made the long drive back to Margalef so Wilder could work on his other project, Mistic 5.14b.

After re-warming up on a 5.11b, Wilder sent Mistic on his first go of the day. As if ticking two 5.14b’s in a day at age 11 isn’t impressive enough, he ended the day by flashing a 5.13b, Dr. Feelgood. To cap off his time time in Spain, on the last day of his trip he sent Variente Vampiros 5.14a. You can watch his sends of La Fabelita 5.14b and Mistic 5.14b in the videos below.


This is not Wilder’s first time climbing 5.14. He sent his first 5.14a, Rodeo Free Europe, in Wild Iris, Wyoming, in July 2021 when he was only 10 years old. Four months later, still aged 10, he climbed his first 5.14c, Southern Smoke at the Red River Gorge. For some perspective on how good Wilder is for his age, Adam Ondra didn’t climb 5.14b until he was 11. Alex Megos didn’t climb the grade until he was 15.

Wilder is part of the prestigious Team ABC, coached by Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou. The team has fostered some of the top climbers in the world including Shawn and Brooke Raboutou, Colin Duffy, Megan Mascarenas, and Margo Hayes. Baye’s father, Matt Wilder, is a former pro climber who has bouldered up to V14 and route climbed 5.15.

Wilder also has some impressive bouldering sends. In a trip to Hueco Tanks in late 2021/early 2022 for example, Wilder racked up six double-digit problems: two V12’s, one V11, and three V10’s. He sent Rumble in the Jungle V12 in a single day.