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Alberta Climbing Gyms Allowed to Reopen

The indoor facilities have been closed for nearly three months due to covid-19

Alberta’s climbing gyms have been closed since the first week of December 2020. On March 2, they’re allowed to open for the first time in 2021. Unlike B.C., where gyms were allowed to stay open following covid guidelines, Alberta’s were part of a more broader lockdown to stop cases.

Last week, we touched base with a gym owner in Toronto and Vancouver. Their experiences through the pandemic have been different, but similar. Read our the story titled Climbing Gyms Across Canada Battling Through COVID-19 here.

Some climbing gyms in Ontario and Quebec have reopened after lockdowns this winter, as have gyms on the east coast. Below are five happy social media posts from climbing gyms in Albera. We’re excited to see climbers back at their local gyms in time to prepare for rock season.