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Alex Megos Nabs Second Ascent of Norway 5.15

Alex Megos has made the second ascent of Thor’s hammer 5.15a in Flatanger Cave in Norway.

The 60-metre pitch was first climbed by Adam Ondra in 2012 after being equipped by Magnus Midtbo.

Megos only needed three days to send the monster route. “Felt harder then the other routes I’ve done in that grade,” Megos wrote on Instagram. “Took me three days to link the over 60-metre pitch, which is always between 55 and 85 degrees steep.”

Megos is one of the world’s strongest sport climbers. Ondra suggested Thor’s Hammer could be 5.15b.

Alex Megos on Thor's Hammer. Photo by Raimund Matros from Megos' Instagram.
Alex Megos on Thor’s Hammer. Photo by Raimund Matros from Megos’ Instagram.