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Is Not Always Pasqua, Third Ascent

James Pearson made the first ground-up and third overall ascent of Is Not Always Pasqua? E9, 7a, at Collina di Interprete in Central Italy. Pearson’s ascent was the first placing all gear on lead. 

Mauro Calibani climbed the route in 2002. The route has had one other repeat, at the hands of Christian Brenna, who also headpointed the route with pre-placed gear. Pearson had tried the route once before.

Pearson is known for his bold, ground-up ascents. In 2008, he climbed the first ascent of The Groove, E10, 7b or 5.14c/d X, a gritstone climb with a 20-year history at Cratcliffe, Derbyshire, England. Later in the year he climbed The Walk of Life, E12 7a or 5.14RX,  one of the hardest routes in the world.

James Pearson climbs ‘Is Not Always Pasqua’ – Mauro Calibani’s E9 at Interprete, Italy, ground up! from Wild Country on Vimeo.