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Anti-Poachers to Receive Climbing Training

The Anamalai Wildlife Sactuary anti-poachers will be trained in rock climbing and rappelling techniques.

In 1976, the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary was established, to be renamed Anamalais (Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary) in 1987. It is home to the Parambikulum-Indira Gandhi tiger, in which there are less than 40 remaining.

The training improve access to specific areas inside the forest that are either inaccessible or difficult to access. “We decided to opt for this method after we realized that our patrol teams were unable to access some of the forest areas on foot but it could be easily accessed by climbing a few metres of steep rocky surface. So instead of circumventing the hostile jungle terrain they could reach the spot by this method,” said Rajiv K Srivastava, field director. “If our men can climb steep rocky edges and use ropes to slide down and access these spots then we could maintain a closer and efficient vigil. It will be helpful for us to track the movement and behaviour of wild animals in these areas,” Srivastava added.