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Arktos is New Ontario Backwoods Sport and Trad Crag

It adds to the growing number of climbing areas around North Bay and Sudbury

There’s a lot of rock yet to be developed in northern Ontario, and with more climbers living in Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay, we can expect to see more crags being opened.

Arktos is a new backwoods crag with sport and trad climbs up to 5.11 north of Jocko Rivers Provincial Park. There’s camping on a lake just down the road. While there are a number of closed projects, there are enough open to make a fun weekend out of a visit.

The area was developed by Artur Makos, Matt Guenther, Karen Guenther and Marco Foladore. The routes include Whisperer 5.9, Invisible Hummingbird 5.11a, Resistance is Futile 5.11b, Endless Afternoon 5.10d, One Legged Taper 5.10b, Long European Vacation 5.10a, Cadence 5.10c, Pol-Italia 5.10a, Over the Chasm of Death 5.11a, Two Suitcases Each 5.10d, Retired to Climb 5.8, Incredible Arktos 5.11a.

The approach beta and topos can be found on Climb Sudbury and the location on Google Maps is here.