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Ashima Shiraishi Sends Hard 5.14d (Maybe 5.15a)

The young American rock climbing phenom, Ashima Shiraishi, becomes the youngest woman to send 5.14d. Some have suggested the route might be as hard as 5.15a.

Shiraishi is one of only a few climbers to have sent a route harder than 5.14c at the age of 13. Shiraishi is currently on spring break in Sprain. The route she sent, Open Your Mind Direct in Santa Linya, was recently upgraded from 5.14d because of a broken hold.

There is a chance Open Your Mind Direct is now 5.15a, meaning Shiraishi is the youngest person ever to send 5.15a.

Ashima Shiraishi’s Instagram

At 11 years old, Shiraishi became the youngest 5.14b and 5.14c climber. Adam Ondra was the first 13-year-old to send 5.14d.

In 2005, Josune Bereziartu made the second ascent of Bimbaluna 9a/9a+ (5.14d/15a). If indeed Open Your Mind Direct is 5.15a then Shiraishi is the first woman to send a solid 5.15a, not bad for 13 years old!

Ashima Shiraishi  Photo Parker Alec Cross
Ashima Shiraishi on Open Your Mind Direct Photo Parker Alec Cross