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Big Wall Speed Climbing Comp, New Record

Croatia’s Paklenica 15th big wall speed comp took place Mar 3.  Brothers Jurica and his brother Perica Levatić won the event.

When you think about speed climbing, you likely don’t think about Croatia. For 15 years, climbers have been gathering in Paklenica’s national park for a three-day gathering. The stone is said to be like Verdon and it has attracted climbers since the 60s. The three-day festival has a trail race, film fest, clinics, competitions and party.

The big wall speed comp takes place on Saturday and the rules are simple, climb the Big Wall Route as fast as you can. The route is a 110-metre 5.10 and the record is broken every year. This year the Jurica brothers climbed it in 15 minutes and 16 seconds, besting last year by five minutes.

speed4 speed3 speed2 speed1


For a list of the years winners, visit Planet Mountain.