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Canada’s Peak Freaks Cancel Everest 2015 Trip

The Canadian guiding company Peak Freaks, a Himalayan guiding company since 1983, announced canceling its 2015 trip up Mount Everest.

They cited safety concerns and unpredictable changes in rules for mountaineering permits, changing weather patterns and political instability as factors in the decision.

Everest News

Peak Freaks canceled its 2014 expedition due to safety concerns after 16 Nepalese porters were killed in an avalanche. In 2013, they led 14 climbers to the summit.

Peak Freaks will continue guiding other mountains, but without the “thorny politics, crumbling glaciers, and looming ice-falls.”

Full Statement From Peak Freaks:

Since beginning our operations over 24 years ago, it has always been a challenge to navigate through the complex and ever-changing political, social, and environmental aspects inherent in running a climbing and trekking operation in the Himalayas. The pay-off nonetheless has always been worth it – to our clients, to our Sherpa’s and their families, and to us. And as much as last year’s tragic events highlighted both the need for better safety regulations and a reassessment of the business which climbing Everest has become, our present concerns and consequent conclusions come from a much larger set of worrying circumstances.

The local government’s fickle posturing and vague statements regarding possible rule changes for mountaineering permits, the drastic alterations to the weather both traditional ENSO and ENSO Modoki have and will continue to cause, the growing list of socio-political events which has a cumulative effect of compromising regional security, present us with only one responsible and rational course of action. We at Peak Freaks are cancelling our commercial Everest 2015 summit climb. As clear as this decision has become it is still far from an easy one for us to have come to. The financial impact on our partners, our Sherpa’s, will be severe.

The patience and loyalty of our clients will be taxed. Even so, our love for the region and what we do remains intact. Our determination to continue expeditions and our commitment to those who welcomed us to the Himalayas almost a quarter century ago and who continue to work by our side has inspired us. It has inspired us to widen our offerings. To provide adventures free from thorny politics, crumbling glaciers, and looming ice-falls. After all, the majesty of the Himalayas should never be locked away.

So on the eve of our sad Everest news we hope solace can be found knowing that Peak Freaks will not close its doors. Instead it will open paths for adventurers to climb other challenging and awe-inspiring peaks, to take cultural tours through the highest lands of Nepal and Tibet, and to experience unconditionally this magical kingdom we now call our second home.

Peak Freaks Everest Expedition from Scott Mortensen on Vimeo.