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Canadians Dominate North America Ice Championships

The UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup is taking place in Bozeman this weekend.

There are a number of events tangled up under the Ice Climbing World Cup title. There are lead and speed cups and the North America Championships. There is also the 19th annual Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival taking place.

The top-three highest ranking North Americans at the end of the weekend stand on the podium. As no North Americans are heading to tomorrow’s finals, the North American champs have been named.

In first place for the men and 10th overall was Gord McArthur from B.C.. In second was Ontario-based Nathan Kutcher who finished in 14th place. In third was the 19-year-old Noah Beek, also from B.C. He finished tied for in 15th, slightly behind Kutcher.

For the women, Alberta’s Sarah Hueniken finished in 10th overall and on top of the podium for the North American Championships. In second was 20-year-old Karlee Hall from B.C. who finished 11th overall. Katie Bono, who became the first U.S. woman to send M13 a few weeks ago, rounded off the North American podium in third with her 16th place finish overall. Canadian Jen Olson finished the semis in 18th.

Men’s North America Championships Results

1. Gord McArthur
2. Nathan Kutcher
3. Noah Beek

Women’s North America Championships Results

1. Sarah Hueniken
2. Karlee Hall
3. Katie Bono

For photos, visit the Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival’s Facebook page here.

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