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Climber Isaac Caldiero is First to Win Ninja Warrior

Isaac Caldiero is the first person to win American Ninja Warrior.

It took seven seasons and thousands of competitors to attempt the course before Caldiero and Geoff Britten became the first athletes to complete all four stages.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR -- "Las Vegas Finals" -- Pictured: Isaac Caldiero -- (Photo by: David Becker/NBC)
Isaac Caldiero  Photo David Becker/NBC

Britten was the first person to ever complete the fourth stage, but Caldiero finished it not long after and bested Britten’s time by 3.6 seconds. Caldiero won the million dollar prize and Britten went home with nothing.

The event was held in Las Vegas and had 23 obstacles. The fourth stage included Mount Midoriyama, which included a 25-metre rope climb.

The series is based on Japanese comp series “Sasuke,” which has run for 31 seasons since 1997. Only four competitors have completed the Japanese version.

“Winning this event always seemed impossible,” Caldiero said. “As the first American Ninja Warrior I want to use this opportunity to inspire the world to find the impossible and conquer it.”

Caldiero is a 33-year-old climber who honed his skills by building a replica of stage three at his house.

For an interview with Caldiero by Moon Climbing, visit here.

Force of Nature V14 from Shibidaang on Vimeo.

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