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Cougar Creek Closed

Who remembers the Alberta flood of 2013? Because of ongoing construction to prepare for a potential 2014 flood, Cougar Creek in Canmore is closed until further notice. 

From the Town of Canmore: Pursuant to Section nine of the Provincial Parks Act, General Regulations, all access is forbidden.

Why: Due to safety concerns for the public and workers from active construction and heavy equipment use in the area.

The 2013 floods wiped out most of the creek bank and damaged dozens of homes, the destruction was worse down river toward the Seebee reserves, Calgary and High River.

It is rumoured the area will reopen by June and no climbs are affected by the construction.

Cougar Creek is home to over 200 sport climbs on 21 separate walls, mostly in the 5.10 range. It is one of the Rockies most popular crags. 

Photo Lynn Martel
The catchment area that drains into Cougar Creek
Crowbar Crag, once lined with boulders and trees, was stripped bare. So much debris was moved around that the first bolt on many routes is at level with the ground.