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Ground Up’s Lifetime Membership A Great Deal

Squamish is the future home of a new, modern climbing gym called Ground Up that is expected to open in 2015. There’s currently an excellent opportunity to purchase lifetime memberships.

Lauren Watson is the mastermind behind Squamish’s much-anticipated indoor training ground. Currently, climbers in Canada’s rock climbing capital train at the Grandwall Bouldering Co-op on Loggers Lane, a facility targeted at experienced climbers.

Watson’s Ground Up will offer more than a place to train, it will be geared towards offering courses to those who need them. At the same time, there will be routes for moderate and seasoned climbers.

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“The Ground Up Climbing Centre aims to be the hub of the climbing community in Squamish, filling gaps in both education and access,” said Watson. “The facility will include bouldering, sport climbing, top rope climbing, workspace, training facilities, lounge space, a children’s-specific area, a function room, and some other surprises.

“The largest benefit to learning to climb indoors is that you don’t need the same time commitment as you do for a day of climbing. It also caters to a safer environment, with big, padded floors and staff on duty to monitor your safety, so you can get your skills up and then take them outside.”

Ground Up started selling memberships a few months ago and they’re nearly sold out of the one-year passes, but they have nine lifetime individual passes left.

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“To me, the best part is having your full name cast in the front desk,” said Watson. “You walk into the place and everyone will know your name, you are identified as someone who supported and believed in the gym from the very beginning, a VIP member with 25 per cent off any retail and coffee, classes and programs forever, a complimentary specially designed crash-pad and a lifetime membership, of course. It really helps us now and the buyer over the long term. Even if you leave Squamish for a while, you can always come back and you will always be a member.”

Over 20 years, the lifetime membership works out to be about 13 dollars per month or less than 50 cents a day. That’s a great deal!

The walls of Ground Up stood for the first time in April 2015.  Photo Lauren Watson
The walls of Ground Up stood for the first time in April 2015. Photo Lauren Watson