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Hardest Mixed Pitch in North America: Sent!

Will Mayo and Ryan Vachon worked the moves to a variation to The Mustang M14- in East Vail, Colorado and Mayo took it to the top.

Mayo wrote on his Facebook, “Ryan sent the rig all the way to the last bolt below the thin ice finish, took, lowered off, and said, ‘I want you to do it first.’ I managed to pull it off, all the way to the top. We both agree it’s likely the hardest sport mixed pitch in North America. Thanks for the inspiration, Ryan, and for being such a good friend and partner.”

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The route is a variation to a route Mayo climbed on Valentine’s Day 2014. Mayo wrote on his blog, “I finally completed my sport mixed magnum opus in The Fang Amphitheater in East Vail: The Mustang M14-, which is essentially a combination of Stratofortress M13+ and the roof section of The Lightning M13+ to create a 60-metre monster sport mixed pitch including a 30-metre section of horizontal roof which traverses the full span from Reptile to Amphibian.”

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Will Mayo on The Mustang M14 Photo D. Scott Clark
Will Mayo on The Mustang M14 Photo D. Scott Clark