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Jakob Schubert Sends His First V15

Jakob Schubert wasted no time in repeating Austria’s first V15, which was established by Nalle Hukkataival in 2014.

Schubert has been sampling some of Maltatal, Austria’s boulders for the last few weeks. A week ago, Schubert announced he’d sent Bügeleisen V14 (first ascent by Klem Loskot in 2001) and Bügeleisen Sit V15 (first ascent by Hukkataival in 2014).

Schubert also sent Wrestling with an Alligator V13, Unterland V11, Power of Goodbye V13 and Pluto auf der Jagd V13.

“What a day! Sent Bügeleisen V14, which was put up by Klem Loskot in 2001,” Schubert wrote on his Instagram. “But The day was still young and a bit later I was able to grab the second ascent of Bügeleisen Sit, my first V15 boulder. This Boulder is just amazing, respect to Hukkataival for putting this one up, a perfect steep climb with just enough holds to make it climbable”

On the last day of 2014, Schubert sent Fight or Flight 5.15b. “Yesterday, I was able to make myself the best birthday gift ever and pulled off the third ascent of this amazing 9b in Oliana,” Schubert wrote on his Instagram.