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Jonathan Siegrist Sends “Nemesis Route” at Céüse

Jungle Boogie 5.15a is crimpy, sustained, and tough for the grade

On July 8, American climber Jonathan Siegrist sent Jungle Boogie 5.15a (9a+), a stout Adam Ondra route at Céüse, one of the most famous crags in the world. A project originally envisioned by local climber Sylvain Millet, Ondra made the first ascent of the crimpy, power endurance line back in 2012. Three years later, Sachi Amma picked up the second ascent. Stefano Ghisolfi made the third ascent in 2016, remarking that the route was hard for grade and his most difficult climb yet.

“Last week I finally closed the chapter on this absolute nemesis of a route!” said Siegrist on Instagram. “No matter how much I think I understand a certain grade or climbing style, I’m soon reminded that there is always more to learn. Céüse is a brutal teacher but I just can’t seem to resist the beat down! Really stoked to see this one through, especially as summer has just arrived in full force.”

“I lost track of the days but it was…a lot,” he added on 8a.nu. “I felt so close for a while but just couldn’t quite get the stars to align. Patience was the key. So proud that I saw it through, especially as the heat has arrived and the pressure was really mounting.”

Siegrist picked up some other impressive sends while on his Céüse trip. He redpointed Pornographie 5.14d and Furie Noire 5.14b. He also onsighted Radote Jolie Pépère 5.13d and Encore 5.13c.

Siegrist is one of the world’s best sport climbers. According to his 8a.nu page, he has sent five 5.15b’s, 22 5.15a’s, and 45 5.14d’s. In April this year, he sent what he said was the hardest route of his life, Stoking the Fire 5.15b in Santa Linya, Spain. In February, he made the first ascent of the wild Back to the Future 5.14d/15a in the impressive Clear Light Cave outside of Las Vegas. In 2022, he had a spectacular year, sending Event Horizon 5.15b at the 5G Wall in Nevada and Tommy Caldwell’s Flex Luther 5.15a, plus four other 5.15a’s.

For some footage of Jungle Boogie 5.15a check out the Ondra’s FA and Ghisolfi’s repeat in the two videos below.

Adam Ondra’s FA of Jungle Boogie 5.15a

Stefano Ghisolfi on Jungle Boogie 5.15a