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Korra Pesce sessions the Grande Jorasses

Chamonix-based Korra Pesce has been at the cutting edge of alpine climbing in the Alps for years. This fall, he has focused on the Grande Jorasses and the great alpine conditions.

Pesce started his season on the Grande with a solo of the 800-metre Polish Route M6 in just over two hours. “It was quick. A series of slivers of ice. There was little mixed terrain actually, more like vertical snow,” said Pesce. “At times not excellent, it still needs to consolidate.”

A week later, Pesce teamed up with Jon Griffith and others for an ascent of the Desmaison/Couzy up Pointe Marguerite, an 800-metre M5.

Pesce solos the Grande

The following week, Pesce and Martin Elias made the seventh ascent of the Directe de l’Amitié in the fastest time up the route to date: two days. The climb is an 1,100-metre VII, M7, A3 in iced conditions or 5.11, A1 in dry. The first ascent was over eight days in 1974 by Louis Audoubert, Michel Feuillarade, Marc Galy and Yannick Seigneur.

The history of Directe de l’Amitie by Pesce

Pesce returned to the Grande with Peter Mason a few days later. They climbed the Japanese Couloir, a 1,000-metre M5.

Jon Griffith’s Alpine Exposure book

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