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Looking to Link Classic Ice Routes? Check Out the Beer Climbs

These classic north-facing routes will stay in condition until April. Two climbers just linked four of the must-climb lines

Photo by: Brandon Pullan of Will Meinen on Guinness Gully

The Beer Climbs are a collection of ice and mixed routes in Field, B.C., that make up one of the best collections of classic ice routes in the Canadian Rockies.

Field sits on the Trans Canada Highway in the shadows of looming peaks. The town is a must-visit spot for ice climbers when the flows on Mounts Stephen and Dennis freeze.

The Beer Climbs are directly under some scary avalanche paths, so be sure to check the avalanche conditions here. The routes offer a variety of climbing, many can be comfortably linked in a day, and they have easy access in a stunning setting.

From east to west, the climbs are Pilsner Pillar WI6 215m, Traditional Ale M7 WI5 50m, Juste Pour Rire WI4R 20m, Carlsberg Column WI5 60m, Cascade Kronenbourg WI6 90m, Heineken Hall WI3+ 100m, Labatt’s Lane, WI3 185m, Wild Cougar WI4X 215m, Guinness Gully WI4- 245m, Guinness Stout WI4+ 80m and High Test WI4+ 60m.

This past week, Raphael Slawinski and Landon Thompson linked Carlsberg Column, Pilsner Pillar via Traditional Ale, Guinness Gully and Guinness Stout. To bring the grade and commitment down a notch, consider just linking Carlsberg Column into Guinness Gully and High Test.

Lead photo: Brandon Pullan of Will Meinen on Guinness Gully